Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Busy Thursday and a Candlelit Dinner

Okay, probably going to be short- it wasn't too eventful this week.
Last week we hiked another river- I forgot the name. It's in my diary.
But it was really fun! I jumped over a small gap and overshot it, and
almost fell down the slope, but I didn't. Yay. :) Exploring here is

Can I tell you how normal it is to see donkeys everywhere now? Who
would've though it'd be normal. Also, we asked someone what her
donkey's name is. She said, burrito no más. Well, to us that's funny
because. Mexican food. Yum. To them, little donkey.

On Tuesday, the start of the transfer, my comp and I decided to
completely stop speaking in English (and it's a hard habit to drop. I
still have yet to go a day without a single english word, but I've
gotten pretty close. Only two or three words I think one day in
English...) Well, it's helping my Spanish a TON! I tried to do it with
Hermana Waite, but it really dragged my mood down, so we decided
better not to at that time. Now I can do it much easier! People
understand me, and I'm just a lot more confident now. Things you gotta
do when you don't have Latina comps...

So Elder Jensen, the new DL, arrived Tuesday evening. Right when our
landlady's storeroom was flooded (we live above a store). So we got to
do some service as a district cleaning up the water. It turned out to
be really good. We got to hear Amelia's life story. She has problems
with the church because of the people- to put it vaguely. But we'll
work with her on that.On Thursday (my birthday). Well, let's back up
to branch council over a week ago. Us: So we really want to get Amelia
more comfortable in the church, so we'd like to have an activity.
Council: *looks at board* hey, how about we do an activity on Thursday
for your birthday? Me: NO! I'm proselyting that day and nothing else!
Other people in council: Sounds like a great idea! Elder Cogollo:
*Dances gangam style* Me: fine...

So on Thursday, after inviting ALL of our investigators, none of them
came. But we did have about 25 members there. Almost as many as come
to church. Sweet! I got a cake shoved in my face. Hermana Ester got a
cake for Elder Cogollo too even though his birthday was over a month
ago, because he didn't tell anyone. And we watched mormon messages and
bible videos (including the one that one of my coworkers is in. That was
weird). And we ate arroz chaufa (basically fried rice and hot dogs.
Weird at first, I really like it now. Rhett, you could try it!)

Thursday, the lights went out in all of Otuzco. So we had to be back
in our room by dark. We bought candles and had a candlelit dinner (of
sandwiches) on the balcony with all the stars out. It was actually
super cool until random guys on the street started cat calling us and
we had to go inside. Gosh dang it.

Also, on Thursday, we were in the branch president's house for a few
minutes, and the Elders walk in on US. Por fin! We've done it to them
three tmes already. Haha, I swear Otuzco isn't THAT small. Maybe the
Spirit tells us the same things?

Also, random thing from last Sunday, the elders were walking only two
blocks ahead of us on calle Trujillo, and a mule got loose, so Elder
Cogollo goes and chases it all the way up the hill. I died laughing.

On Saturday, we taught Norma, a rescate, who is now BACK to being
menos activa. Grrr. She's working on Sundays during church. Don't do
that. Have faith, and you'll be fine. But despite our best efforts,
she told us it's necessary. I just don't know how to help her... We'll
figure it out.

Then yesterday, we taught Marilu, a reference from the branch. She's
awesome! We got through the first vision, and she's going to pray,and
receive an answer, and I'm excited. After the spiritual part of the
lesson (aka when we were just about to pray to end), she asks us, do
you beleive in dreams? Well, yes... (but it depends!) So she goes off
to tell us all these crazy dreams she's had including demons, and
Christ and Peter, and some things I don't know those words yet...
Yeah... Just typical Peruvian culture. Otuzco is so small town. The
people here are just completely wonderful. :) They make me laugh a

Aside from that, still searching and finding. But we are getting some
great people.

Hope all is well back home. Thanks for the birthday emails from those
who I just read today!

Hermana Brogan

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