Monday, August 24, 2015

Keep Writing Me Please!!!

*Yep. She's been out 11 months TODAY. 7 to go!!!!!

So this week. Or last six days. I don't know if I mentioned much about Hermana Gutierrez and Hermana Baldeon. But we were up talking with them at night, and Hermana Gutierrez (so much energy!) was just going off talking and said, más mejor, menos peor. I forget the context now. I just remember that was all hilarious.  (btw, she just said more better and less worse.) Also, this joke is kinda requires spanish context,so ask your nearest spanish speaker: We passed by a house looking for a menos activo couple. This little girl in the ward (not their daughter) comes to the door all happy to see us. So we ask, está Deyni? No hay. Okay, está su esposo? She responds, ¿de mí? Haha, NO! De Deyni! The girl is only like 11. Oh Usted form. 

So Huamachuco (the other district) stayed overnight in Otuzco with the elders since Huamachuco is another three hours away, and it was late. So we had a district meeting as a zone. But it wasn't zone training... We did an example of the Spirit which I loved. They placed some boxes really close on the floor and had Elder Larosa walk through them blindfolded, guided by the 'spirit', Elder Rareba. The rest of us were loud voices distracting him. He had to get through the little maze without touching the boxes. And failed. So then, without Elder Larosa knowing, we removed all the boxes after putting him back at the start. Nobody else talked, only Elder Rareba. And he told him to take eight big steps forward. Elder Larosa was hesitant, but did it. It was super cool. We just have to trust the Spirit, even when it seems crazy (Elder Larosa thought the boxes were still there. He took little steps at first.) The wisdom and guidance of the Spirit will never lead us astray. I also realized that sometimes our obstacles are just in our minds. 
Later, the elders went to buy us a curtain for our study room. (We've been without for a month and a half). Well, what they bought wasn't wide enough. Hahaha. So they put it up anyways. Kinda defeats the purpose of a curtain. It cracked me up.   

Norma is still working Sundays. Ugh, I don't know how to help her.  She's SO poor. 

We did companionship inventory on the white board this week, and just drew out a bunch of situations. It was hilarious and got pretty crazy. Eventually I ended up drawing a stick figure drowning in water with a shark and bees above the water with his eyes HUGE, and a  mohawk. Yeah, we're friends. :)

We went to Hermana Ester to talk to her about a relief society activity. And we find the elders there. Elder Jensen is playing Efraín's guitar, and Elder Cogollo is talking with Juana, and Hermana Ester is just sewing like normal. It was so funny. Apparently they were there to talk to Efraín about creating a branch mission plan (which I suggested a little bit back.) Yup, hard work elders. Haha.
We taught Aralita (Leita's daughter) about the Book of Mormon. We go through the intro super slowly, and she still is confused. At the end, she comments that her mom was reading it and commented on how it was really different from "their" Bible. Haha. I told her, YES! It is! And showed her my bible. I reexplained things for a fifth time, and I think she gets it  better than her mom. (BTW, sorry about this spastic space bar....)

We taught Katy, our golden, lesson three yesterday, and I think lesson two during the week. We invited her to baptism for the 19th of September. She's now preparing. I'm pretty sure she's already more active than me. And I'm a missionary. She's so cute. She's full of so much energy, and she's really attached to me. She was clinging onto me after church and teasing me about my bad memory. (Seriously, my memory on the mission just seems to be getting worse.) It was hilarious.   I don't know what I did to have her love me so much. But I don't mind. It's always nice to have a friend. (She's 19 btw)

That's more or less my week. Hope you guys have a good one. Keep writing me please!
Hermana Brogan

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