Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Trujillo Temple trip.....

1. My distirct has got to stop teasing me about marriage. We got to the temple, and it just gets worse. Not. Okay. Baaaaaaaaaaah. Okay, just had to rant to someone, so I chose the world. 

2. I got my birthday package! Almost half a month late. Haha. But I LOVED it. Especially the balloons. I tried to choose some favorites to quote, but they just all made me happy. Our room is still a party. But my comp is a clean freak, so I should pop them before she goes too crazy. I wrote all the messages down in my journal and have a pic though, so we should be good. Also- the beach ball! Yes! And the candy, and cards, and everything. I appreciated Becky's card with english, spanish, russian, japanese, and baby. So multilingual. I love it.

3. Intercambios this week. I went with Hermana Blackburn (who is from... dun dun dun... the group of *big breath* Hermanan Favero, Hermana Kennedy, Hermana Waite, Hermana Lofgran, Hermana McGinnis. Who have all had a huge, positive influence on my mission. Hermana Blackburn fits right up there with them. I felt the Spirit so strong during our intercambio. They're almost done. Crazy! I learned so much from her. Hermana South came up too (so it was more like divisions). 7 lessons in our area in 1 day. (Between the two companionships). We found miracle named Katherine, looking for her aunt, Aurora, who is less active. Well, Katherine is from Lima, but is up here until December. She isn't doing anything. So we invite her to our game night that night (pictionary and charades. It was a blast). She comes. WITH her aunt. Woo! Katherine also came to church on Sunday, but by herself. Her aunt works. She's super interested, and is 19 years old. She's super down to earth, and already a great friend. She's super happy and cute. I love it. 

We also passed by this one house on the list, and nobody was home. At dinner that night, I felt impressed to go back. So we do and find Manuel. The ex 2nd counselor in the branch presidency who has now been inactive for three years. He's great, but he won't look us in the eyes. He still believes it all, and I asked him a bunch of hard questions. He just kept saying, I know I know. He's hiding something though. Then on Sunday, we met with him and his wife. We shared the message of the restoration, and I felt prompted to use all of the scriptures of the first vision. Including the part about Satan trying to stop him. Never thought that would happen. So I followed it and explained that Satan is going to fight them, but they just have to have stronger faith. His wife is AMAZING. She's ready to come back- she's just living in Trujillo with her kids and doesn't know where to go to church with them. She was so into the lesson, and really felt the Spirit. The first thing she told us was that she wants to feel closer to God. She'll be a rescue super fast- in the South mission. Haha. But that's cool- we'll work with Manuel.

Then, we came down to Trujillo for interviews and the temple! The assistant's interview was great! We had to teach the first lesson in under 10 minutes. They said we're one of the few who have done it. (They're focusing on concise lessons right now...) It was pretty fun. They asked us what WE thought we should improve. So we say asking more questions, because you were looking bored and flipping through the books. So they accuse us of making fun of their acting! NO! We were serious about our observations. It cracked me up. But they also put a lot of focus on the BoM, and have challenged us to always have a copy with us. 

The interview with President was great. Praying with faith. He also told me that the branch in Otuzco really depends on the missionaries (it does). It would fall apart without us. The assistants told us not to lose our faith (again- hardest area for hermanas in the mission).They also told us that they've heard Otuzco really changes missionaries a TON for the better. What blessings. What hard work I have. I love it though. I wouldn't have it any other way. Seeing areas change, and finding people from the beginning is the best. Being thrown into an area with great investigators would be so weird for me now.

Sister Marler talked about the area book and talked about in 3rd Nephi when Christ tells Nephi, why didn't you write about Samuel the Lamanite? And Nephi says, woops, I'll get on that (I think that's one of the funniest parts in the Book of Mormon). and how we needs to write everything down in our carpetas. Even impressions about future lessons. Yikes. Then she talked about how we need to act by faith and work with the Spirit. And then after that interview I went to the bathroom and had an emotional breakdown- half laughing and half crying with my comp just because I felt so overwhelmed after three interviews. Man, I need more faith. Please let me borrow all of your faith. From everyone who reads this. Thanks.

And on top of that, they want us two gringas to basically completely change Otuzco. Which is our plan. But still, so overwhelming.

Also, we taught with Juana this week, who's preparing for a mission. I made her teach about prophets. She did great. After the lesson she said, Hermana Brogan! I don't know how to teach. I say, NO! You can teach. Really well actually. And she says, No me burla. (Don't bully- or tease- me). She needs self confidence. But she is seriously amazing. I really like her a lot. :)

Aaaaand, the temple. It was amazing. It was so nice to feel the Spirirt. President and wife did the session with us and a zone from Cajamarca. It was amazing. Don't know what to say about it, but that in the Celestial room, I had a great conversation with President. He assured me of the love Heavenly Father has for me, and why He sent me here. What my potential is to become, and what I have become. Hmm... Yeah, I'll leave it at that. But it was an amazing experience. President kinda overwhelms me. He's always looking for a specific answer, and I cannot read his brain. But it's cool. I learn a lot.
The temple was so needed. Being a sister missionary can just be overwhelming- we put so much pressure on ourselves to be the best missionary we can be. Which is great- to a point. The temple helped me back off a little. So that was great.

Mom- I found a nativity set. It's little. 18 soles. So like 6 dollars. I'll probably try to find another one around Christmas. Because I love you that much. :) (Whoo Hoo!!!)
We went to the mall in Trujillo. Because we can do that. I ate pizza and ice cream. American food! (Otuzco is just like you'd imagine not being in America would be like. Not globalized at all. All the food we eat IS peruvian.)But it's great. I'm loving the mission still. I'm getting so old, and people have been asking me even more often how much time I have, Argh! I'm in denial. Still in training. Still in training. I do not want to leave. 

But I miss you all and love you! Hopè everything at home is great! Keep me updated on life!

Love, Hermana Brogan

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