Sunday, August 2, 2015

Happy Birthday to Everett

Happy Birthday Everett!!!
Okay, well first off, I just got an email from Alexandra (last area-
Flor's daughter) and she's still doing everything! She's going to get
baptized when the time comes! She rocks! Best email of the day!

So one night we were just in our room eating dinner, when Elder Price
calls us to inform us we left our light on. I ask him where he is and
tell him we're eating dinner. I stand up and they're just standing
outside. It was funny. And completely pointless in the end.

We had our multizone conference. It was SO weird to see sisters from
all the way back in the CCM. They've changed so much. I love them all
though. I got greeted with some HUGE hugs! Nice to know we aren't
loners in this mission. :) My poor comp on the way there got really
car sick in the back of the combi- so I had to go on "intercambios" as
she went with the office sisters (senior sisters) to buy new clothes,
and I got to go sit in the conference by myself. Well, at first I
didn't recognize any of the sisters (walking in from the back), so I
just sat with my zone. (Hence why we weren't sitting with the other
sisters in the pic on Hna Marler's blog). Also so I could be in the
back when my comp got back so she wouldn't have to walk in front of
everyone. So that was weird. The combi ride back, I made sure Hna
McCally wouldn't settle for sitting in the back. I even made us search
out a new combi so there would be a front seat for her.

Thursday, we saw two dogs fighting on the road. A lady commented "Que barbaridad."
I just thought it was funny. Also, the police dog escaped right after
that, and as we saw it, two policemen come up on a motorcycle, and one
totally felt super awkward, and greeted us as they had to get the dog
to go back. Too funny. I couldn't really describe the funniness of that
moment, but it just was. That night I called to report, and Elder Price asked,
is it Thursday already? Yes. Oh, well thanks for the reminder. You should be the next
district leader. Yes, the first sister district leader. It's will make
a worldwide change. Then he told me a random joke in spanish. Sorry if
you do't speak spanish, but it doesn't work in english. Que hace el
volcan en la ducha? Se lava. I was cracking up for about five minutes.
It's just so dumb. Then he told me he has something for me, not from
him, for the 30th of July. Okay... Then he tells me I can't know any
more. Well, then he asks to talk to my companion, and they're talking
about me for like 5 minutes. What the even heck?

We taught this couple on Friday right before noche misional. We taught
them lesson one (They're called Julie and Segundo). The Spirit was SO
strong during that lesson! It was amazing! We've got comp unity down!
But really, my comp and I teach like no other. I love it!
He also prayed that we would keep coming and thanked Heavenly Father
for clarifying their doubts. So awesome! He was so humble too, and
didn't fight praying at all. (Seriously, it shouldn't be such a huge
fight to get people to pray, but when it isn't, it's so refreshing!)
Then we watched the other side of heaven for mission night (We
couldn't find 17 miracles in spanish). Well, that's about the
trunkiest mission movie EVER. But it was good. :) I'm grateful to be
serving in Peru and not on some foreign island. Oh, but when he said
bye to everyone on the island, it made me so sad. I can't imagine
spending YEARS in an area, and then having to leave it. Que lastima.
We got to eat pop corn and arroz con leche! Sweet!

We're going to start teaching our dueña. She's the wife of the branch
president who passed away a year ago this last week. Well, she loves
the missioanries, and they have been working with her for a long time
(all elders). But it's been a little bit now, and there's a dedicated
temple in the area, and we're sister missionaries, and I think it's
time. We're going to do it. We're bringing her into the church! (And
if you all want to help me pray some, that would be great!)

Yesterday, President Marler came and visited the branch and spoke in
sacrament meeting. It was super good. Similar to our multizone. He
told the branch he sent the best missionaries to Otuzco. Later, Elder
Price told me that he really does. And that President really has a
huge love for Otuzco. It just makes me think, what did president
Williams tell him to get me sent here?At any rate, it's a huge
compliment. In consejo de rama, Hermana McCally totally started just
talking in english. Well, nobody could understand of course. It was
really funny. I translated for her. :) We've all done it. Granted, I
haven't done it in a  meeting yet.

Then reporting last night, in the background of the phone I hear Elder
Cogollo scream. Elder Price is in the middle of explaining plan
spearfish to me (He pictured a swordfish, thought spearfish, then
decided to keep the name. It's just about working with members). And I
ask, was that your companion? "Yes. He just finished eating his arroz
chaufa, and stood up and roared like a lion."

Well, that's my week. We're exploring somewhere for pday again today.
It shall be a party! I hope you all have a good week! Hopefully more
spiritual things happen to write about. Which reminds me- one cool
experience. We were having next to no lessons at the beginning of the
week (This is my second actual time, but feels like third, time
opening an area- so I'm used to it.) But it really got on Hermana
McCally. So we started praying a ton for more lessons and for the Lord
to prepare our way for us- and since then, we've been teaching at
least 3 if not 4 times a day. And it's awesome! The Lord really hears
and answers prayers-depending on your faith. But He'll do His part if
you do yours. :) I love it! Prayer is powerful!

Hermana Caballito del Diablo

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